Karen Sykes

Karen is the Open European Champion in Heelwork To Music
were selected to be HTM Team GB in the Open European Championships where they won the Team Event - making them all Open European Team Champions

She have travelled the country from Cornwall to the Orkneys with their dogs performing at many galas, fairs, local fetes.  

She is also highly respected International Judges and trainers and have successfully competed and travelled with their dogs in Europe.

She have also trained and/or judged in Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Israel, Japan, Australia and USA.

The Top Lodge Team is available for seminars and displays of Heelwork To Music and Canine Freestyle...


Seminare dieses Trainers

Seminar Datum
Dogdance 10.11.2019 - 16.11.2019